Soprano, Jacqueline Neimat, is a much celebrated classical vocal artist. When opera legend Renata Scotto first heard Jacqueline sing, she proclaimed, “What a truly beautiful voice.”

Jacqueline is active in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area operatic community, and she has performed for audiences at Strathmore Hall, The Arts Club of Washington and has been a regular featured artist in the Theatre at Washington, Virginia’s performance series. She has performed at numerous other venues including, the Embassies of Italy, Austria, Finland, Lebanon and Egypt.

Jacqueline’s audiences have included royalty, former international heads of state, members of Congress, the White House staff, the Washington diplomatic corps and the Italian Cultural Society.

Following in the footsteps of Placido Domingo, Jacqueline was the succeeding featured performer for the Many Hats Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the conditions for children and youth worldwide.

Jacqueline has also sang at the world-famous Rothschild mansion in Vienna, Austria, where she was invited to be the solo performer, for an international community comprised of hundreds, in a concert promoting peace.

Jacqueline’s repertoire of songs displays her wide musical range, which includes opera and classical song in Italian, French, Spanish, Czech, German and English. She is also an accomplished jazz singer and additionally performs lullabies and popular song.

Jacqueline lives in Potomac, Maryland along with her husband, renown heart surgeon, Samir Neimat.